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About ratemyuni

What? When? Who? How? Why?

Our Story
It all began with a student's desperate search for the perfect course at the perfect university. He read newspaper articles, he asked for advice from his teachers, family, friends, and even the stranger he sat next to on an aeroplane. What this student needed, he decided, was student opinions of everything about the course, from the teachers to the food at the cafeteria. He wanted to know all about the accomodation and atmosphere and if the nightlife was any good, and so ratemyuni was born.

Our Aim
When you visit open days and read a university prospectus, you are only seeing what the universities want you to see. On the outside, all universities look amazing, so you need to talk to the students to find out the truth. As you will discover by reading the reviews, no university is perfect, but many of the UK universities are pretty amazing.

Our Difference
We aren't the only university review site out there, but we are the best! With no bias, and run by students for students, ratemyuni is a university review site with a difference! We understand students, so much so that we are offering beer as an incentive for submitting reviews! How many other review sites do that?

More coming soon...

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