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Property at Westminster University

Westminster UniversityBusiness → Property

Accomodation: -
Cost of Living: -
IT Facilities: Rating of 3
Library: Rating of 3
Nightlife: -

Shops & Banks: -
Societies/Clubs: -
Sports Facilities: -
Student Union: -
Teaching: Rating of 1

Absolutely awful! The quality of teaching in some cases is atrocious. Some lecturers don't turn up, others leave an entire class with an exercise to do whilst they swan off to an external event for an hour (and this was an introductory lecture....)

There is no organisation, half the teaching staff spend their days looking after their personal practices and businesses. Only 2 out 8 teaching staff actually know how to teach (one of them subsequently left because the students weren't making enough of an effort), the rest just have years and years of experience and thats it.

Some lecturers don't even bother to follow the official course outline so there is no way for students to read up in preparation of the lectures.

One lecturer instructed a student to opt for an easier case study simply because she could not be bothered to explain the one presented to her. In some cases, students have been able to hand in coursework after the exercise has been corrected in class!!!!!

One of the lecturers is so disorganised, it took him over six months to return pieces of coursework back to the students!! How are you supoosed to improve if you have no idea how you are doing?

Some lecturers dont provide a reading list and when asked to recommend one book, he informed the students that there weren't any books because the subject was so "specialised".

It is mind-boggling how the course is RICS-accredited. Students have complained, students reps have voiced concerns but NOTHING has been done about it.

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Written by WminABEstudent on 6th Dec 2011

Westminster UniversityBusiness → Property

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