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Media Arts and Film at St Mary's College

St Mary's CollegeArt, Design, Media and Music → Media Arts and Film

Accomodation: Rating of 1
Cost of Living: Rating of 1
IT Facilities: Rating of 4
Library: Rating of 4
Nightlife: Rating of 1

Shops & Banks: Rating of 1
Societies/Clubs: Rating of 5
Sports Facilities: Rating of 1
Student Union: Rating of 2
Teaching: Rating of 2


The tutors here are predominantly people who have failed to find work in the wider world in their chosen fields of interest. This lends most of them an air of resentment which is resolutely etched on their face at the sound of an original thought they haven't themselves thought of.
In other words, unless you want to spend three years nodding like a lobotomised dog at the feet of very insecure tutors - don't go here.

The student union is a waste of time, the food is abysmal and the university is so sport orientated walking around in a tracksuit is the only way you'll be taken seriously.
The student union bar is a thing to behold. Staffed by people that look as though they should be heavily medicated it is predominantly used by the rugby heads who think drinking till you puke is the height of entertainment.
This university is not in London. Do not be fooled by the estimated travelling times into London advertised on their website. Your a good way out here.

Job prospects are also tricky given the place is practically non-existent to any sector other than education.

Overall, do not come here if you have an original thought in your head. It will not be cultivated or encouraged.

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Written by deanohash on 27th Jan 2012

St Mary's CollegeArt, Design, Media and Music → Media Arts and Film

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