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law at Leeds University

Leeds UniversityHumanities and Social Sciences → law

Accomodation: Rating of 1
Cost of Living: Rating of 4
IT Facilities: Rating of 3
Library: Rating of 4
Nightlife: Rating of 3

Shops & Banks: Rating of 4
Societies/Clubs: Rating of 3
Sports Facilities: Rating of 3
Student Union: Rating of 1
Teaching: Rating of 1

Really REALLY REALLY bad uni.
1)Many staff have a shockingly bad attitude.
2)Poor teaching -used to be tutorials. Now its just big seminar groups.
3)Poor accomodation and a rough area. Burglary capital of Britain.
Gangs attacking students etc etc
4)Don't prepare you for work
5)A lot of class discrimination against working and lower middle class students
6)Bias in favour of foreign/ privately educated students.
7)Leeds is not a uni I would recommend to anyone.
I feel sad to say that. After all it was where I spend 3 years working hard to get a good grade.
8)The bad attitiude of staff runs from top to bottom. I know numerous staudents who feel they were "bullied" even by sections of the hierachy.
9)I'd also question the credibility of some degree classifications. Some foreigners barely spoke English properly yet got 2.1 and 1st class degrees.
Other good students got a grade lower than what we all expeceted them to get.
10)Overall, I just feel the place has a bad "vibe". There was no community there. Many staff were only interested in their academic writing.
11)You ahve to wonder whether a degree is good value for most people. I've heard of many Leeds graduates working in call centres and stuff after graduation. Is that what it should be about?
12)When I applied, I felt Leeds was in the top 8 or 10 unis in the country.BUt the reports didn't back that up. I think the uni management are obsessed with expansion at all costs and making money, money, money.
The way some of my colleagues were treated by uni management was nothing short of disgraceful.
13)There are a lot of pubs and clubs in the uni area. Alot are pretty cheap. Now ok, thats great, but there ain't a lot else to do, if getting hammered isn't your big thing.
Fights between students occur a fair bit. And fights with locals are a big issue.
There is a bigger drinking culture than some places. And you will see a few beer guts ( male and female!)
14)Sports centre is average. And the playing fields are a fair way away.
15)Leeds is a good town. Prosperous centre, but poor districts.
The people can be friendly or utterly charmless in a minority of cases.
16)As unis go, Leeds is massive. And spread out. So it won't have that campus feel -because people live over many miles.

Sorry guys, but my view is, steer well clear of this place.

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Written by legalbeagle on 12th Apr 2012

Leeds UniversityHumanities and Social Sciences → law

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