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Philosophy at Aberdeen University

Aberdeen UniversityHumanities and Social Sciences → Philosophy

Accomodation: Rating of 3
Cost of Living: Rating of 2
IT Facilities: Rating of 3
Library: Rating of 2
Nightlife: Rating of 3

Shops & Banks: Rating of 4
Societies/Clubs: Rating of 2
Sports Facilities: Rating of 4
Student Union: Rating of 1
Teaching: Rating of 4

Having spend 3 years so far as an undergrad at Aberdeen university I can safely say that given the option to go back and change which uni I went to, I would pick differently. In fact, I would go so far as to discourage anyone I knew who was considering attending this university.
First and foremost I would just like to throw in here that Aberdeen doesn't have a student union we mooch off of RGU and use theirs (or call a rubbish wee pub on the student halls campus formally known as the watering hole- our union.)

I'm not claiming that the ENTIRE university is awful. Like any university, some of the classes are very interesting and some of the lecturers are brilliant, passionate, caring teachers. You simply have to take the good with the bad.

My problem doesn't lie with the lecturers within the university. They (for the most part) do a pretty decent job. My problem (and many, many other students who attend Aberdeen University) is that the organization and admin staff (in all departments from what I have heard) within the university is appalling.

The amount of problems and complaints I have heard from fellow students are too numerous to list, so I will move on to the single most important reason this university is to be avoided.
Bad admin we may be able to live with, but the most disappointing thing about the university is its careers department. Of course they will talk themselves up, saying how great they are and how many jobs they have.

I have news for you Aberdeen Uni. Your careers department sucks and your rival university RGU is far better.
Upon visiting a careers service talk about internships offered within the university this summer the careers service was very proud to proclaim how great a job they were doing at having TWELVE jobs up for grabs this summer. Twelve? Are you kidding me? RGU offers any students in their final year who were unable to get a placement a job within the university so they have some experience to put on their CV.
Yes, that work may be unpaid, but what student will turn their nose up at work experience? We all know how important it is.
There are numerous other issues with the careers department involving lack of good job opportunities, lack of networking within the Aberdeenshire area etc.
But the hard and the fast of what I am saying here is that I have been so unbelievable underwhelmed by Aberdeen University I regret choosing it as a place to study.

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Written by kisses91 on 16th May 2012

Aberdeen UniversityHumanities and Social Sciences → Philosophy

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